Create the first international congress


The idea of ​​making the First Ibero-Mediterranean Congress in Classical Chinese Medicine, is born from the need to share the advances in their studies among the professionals of the sector of our region and to encourage those who are currently beginning their journey.

This company, formed by Carles Garay Donoso, Jordi Salés Parés, Joan Alfons Rivero Rivera, Martí Lleonart Santos and Álvaro C. Lorente Puchades, has been taking shape during many meetings held over the past two years. The stay in other international congresses and see the lack of assistance from therapists in our area of ​​the Mediterranean made us think about facing this challenge and take this commitment to our sector, which finally in October 2018 will see the light.

This Congress, and first of many, is thanks to the dedication of its founders with a wide professional background behind them as Carles Garay Donoso, who is currently teaching courses in Spain and Portugal on distal acupuncture based on the classics, and pharmacopoeia expert , or like Jordi Salés Parés, who is also an expert in pharmacopoeia and teaches courses with Álvaro C. Lorente Puchades in classical acupuncture techniques based on the Ying Jing (I Ching), Nan Jing, and both are Founders of the Fundació Sān Qiáng, whose project has been joined by Martí Lleonart Santos and co-directs the Foundation in Nepal to support the most needy through Chinese Medicine; also Joan Alfons Rivero Rivera is a professor in Foundations of Classical Chinese Medicine and treatments, as well as in matter of Extraordinary Meridians, and whose courses he is currently teaching.