1st Congress Classical Chinese Medicine

When organizing an event like this Congress, apart from the location for the realization of it, it is important to have a good poster of speakers that fits most closely to the theme of it: Classical Chinese Medicine.

For a long time we were studying the ideal candidates for this first contest. We must take into account different variables for the proposal of speakers. A first variable is the professional career of each of them. Obviously, that their research and contents of their courses and papers are about some of the aspects that make up Classical Chinese Medicine. This leaves open the door to a large number of therapeutic tools available to this medicine (Dietètica, herbal medicine, acupuncture, qi gong, among others).

With these prerogatives we have contacted those speakers who on the dates of the congress (October 25-28, 2018) had an availability to intervene in it. Some of the speakers who have already confirmed their attendance and who are preparing the agendas for the event are the ones indicated below, without the order in which they appear having to do with a special predilection on the part of the organizers: Manu Moreno, Manuel Rodríguez Cuadras, Nadine Kaiser, for highlighting those that are already confirmed.

The organizers, as teachers and researchers in Classical Medicine will give a succinct view in the form of a seminar so that attendees can have the broadest vision of this vision of Chinese Medicine.

We can only thank from here all the support received by the Hon. City of Besalú, which from the first moment has shown us a great interest in our proposal and that has given us the best locations for the realization of the Congress.