Presentation of the project of integration of Chinese Medicine in the French Hospital

The public health observatories increasingly check the interest of patients called alternative / complementary therapies, especially traditional Chinese medicine. WHO has also published strong recommendations from 2014-2023 to integrate these traditional complementary medicines into national health systems.

In this context and this dynamic, a hospital MTC service project has been implemented in harmony with the hospital administration and the establishment of the medical community. UF MTC 1420 was created on September 6, 2017, within the emergency service of the Alès-Cévennes hospital.

This UF is composed of Dr. Tatulli (Manager of UF) and Dr. Barrillon (Professional). The doctor. Tatulli and Barrillon are 2 Hospital Physicians (PH) in Emergency Medicine (Dr. Barrillon is the Manager of the Emergency Department of the UF), and 4th year students in MTC in a School accredited by the French Confederation of MTC ( CFMTC), delivering the National Diploma of MTC (DNMTC).

UF MTC presents numerous projects, divided into 5 axes (patients - research - training / hiring - Chinese association - hospital staff), and staggered over time in a gradual evolution, in 3 phases (2017-2019, 2019-2023, 2023- )

  • Patient axisconsultations - therapeutic qi gong - day hospital
  • Research axis: between conventional medicine and TCM - in the Qi
  • Training / recruitment axis: branch of private school training within the hospital for the training and recruitment of traditional Chinese medicine professionals with DNMTC
  • Collaborative axis with China: Chinese university - medical engineering in Qi - human exchanges
  • Axis of the hospital staff: qi gong therapy and quality of life at work (QVT)