The Yi Jing (I Ching) in the practice of Chinese Medicine.


  • Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine by ISMET
  • Two years of practical clinical specialization in China with Dr. Dr. Zhang WEN and Dr. LUO SHAN SHAN (Kunming Medical College, HUA SHAN Clinic)
  • Tibetan Medicine Course in Men Tse Khang, India
  • Chiropractor
  • Professor of clinical practice and advanced diagnostic techniques at ISMET
  • Professor of Advanced Techniques at Fundació San Qiang
  • Co-Founder San Quiang Foundation
  • Co-Director Centro SALÉS Presentation topics: YI JING (I CHING) IN THE PRACTICE OF CHINESE MEDICINE Duration: 6 hours
  • The vision of energy formation and how it influences all the states of Yin Yang
  • How the study of hexagrams fuses all the Techniques of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • How the Yi jing indicates all the Phases of the treatment
  • How the Yi Jing helps us to the practical treatment of Spleen-Pancreas disharmony