Shonishin and child care. Soft Japanese techniques


Born in 1947, I have studied and practiced Chemical Engineering, Business Management, Graphic Design and various martial arts (Judo, Tae Kwondo, Aikido) before starting with Qigong, Taijiquan and Chinese Medicine, which I studied in Spain and in Beijing, where I lived 3 years.

Later I graduated in the methods of Shonishin, Manaka, Keiraku Chiryo, Toyohari and Engaging Vitality, and created the Classical Biodynamic Acupuncture system.

Teacher in all the previous methods, except Toyohari, I have written nine books and various articles. Based in Barcelona, I currently work in clinic and on-site and online teaching both in Spain and other parts of Europe, as well as in Latin America.

Presentation topics:

Shonishin and child care. Soft Japanese techniques

Duration: 3 hours


  • Acquire a clear idea of the characteristics of child treatment, especially from the point of view of oriental medicine
  • Acquire a specific technique of infant treatment (Shonishin)
  • Understand how other styles of treatment can be adapted to Pediatrics


  • Theoretical exhibition of the whole
  • Shonishin practices