How to treat an empress a classical approach to gynecology


  • Nadine Kaiser finished her TCM studies in 2009 under Martin Schemmel. She has her own practice in Tübingen, Germany where she works with her college and co-owner Wolfgang Wehrmann a renown homoepath,who himself is teaching for over 40 years all around the globe.
  • Early in her studies she got very fond of the chinese herbal medicine and started to emphasize her re- searches in classical chinese herbs.
  • She visited courses by Arnaud Versluys, Suzanne Robidoux, Heiner Früh- auf, Prof Lie Jie, John Chen, Giovanni Maciocia and many more. Furthermore is she taking part in the Rothenburg congress for the last 10 years and has herself been teaching there last year.
  • As a teacher she has been sharing her passion for chinese pharmaceuticals at the symposium of alternative medicine of the FDH ( professional association of german heilpraktiker), at se- veral private seminars in and around Stuttgart, at the university of Tübingen, social organisations and as a teacher for the catalonian phyto-company Fitoki.
  • As a mother of two children she tries to change how the world an the health of the people is evaluating giving contribute by new but rather old, classical attempts to see the cicle of life and nature.


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Durada: 4 hours

  • A woman`s body seems somehow more complicated than a man`s having menstruation, giving birth, going through the climacterium and having pms. Actually, everything sums up to a great picture beeing simple to treat.
  • The Shang Han Lun gives us strong, classical herbal remedies to treat a woman and descriptions how to read her body. In a time where it gets common to take hormon pills, getting used to menstrual cramps and premenstrual migrains, in a time where women are getting more and more infertile we have to help them to a better health so there will be healthy children and a healthy society. We should treat women like they shell be treated - like an empress