The perspective of sexuality according to Chinese Medicine


- Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist - Acupuncturist – Herbologist. Self employed (Portugal)
- Member Executive Committee - Leader of Communication Committee. Europe Tradicional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA)
- Certified Trainer. Instituto Van Nghi Portugal, Leiria.
- Founding member of the W.A.D.O. - "World Acupuncture Day Organization" to be held at the headquarters of UNESCO and the WSCDA - World Scientific and Cultural Dialogue on Acupuncture ("Organisation de la Journée mondiale de l'acupuncture") in Paris.
- Co-author: Teixeira, Ricardo (2016); "The cultivation of Chinese herbal plants in Portugal, a sustainable environmental solution in the face of the growing demand for Non-Conventional Therapeutics?"
- Teixeira, Ricardo (2015); "Scratching the Surface - Sexuality and Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 20 Essays on Energetic Medicine


Presentation 1: The perspective of sexuality according to Chinese Medicine
Presentation 2: The Portuguese law and the ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association). Work with Chinese Medicine accepted and integrated in Europe.

Duration: 3 hours

Course content:
Introduction to Modern Sexuality
Sexuality from the perspective of ancient Chinese Medicine including:
- Yin and Yang and sexuality.
- Five Movements and sexuality.
- Vital substances and sexuality.
- The three treasures (San Bao) and sexuality.
- Three Levels (Sky, Man and Earth)
- Constitutional typologies and sexuality.
- Sexuality in the face.
Differences between male and female sexuality according to MTC.
Significance of meridians and Zang Fu in the treatment of sexual health.
Practical application of acupuncture points in the treatment of sexuality.